PTFE butterfly valve
MaterialTemperatureUse Description
NBR-23℃ ~ 82℃

Shot time-23℃ ~120℃

Buna-NBR:(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber ) has good tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.It is also resistant to hydrocarbon products.It is a good general-service material for use in

water,vacuum,acid,salts,alkalines,fats,oils,greases,hydraulic oils and ethylene glycol. Buna-N can not use for acetone,ketones and nitrated or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Cold-resisting NBR-40℃ ~ 100℃

Shot time-45℃

Cold-resistanting NBR:Offer less Oil-Resistance than Buna-NBR.
EPDM-20 ℃~130℃

Shot time-30℃ ~ 150℃

General EPDM rubber: is a good general-service synthetic rubber used in hot-water, drinks, milk product systems and those containing ketones, alcohol, nitric ether esters and glycerol. But EPDM can not use for hydrocarbon based oils, minerals or solvents.
Acid and alkali-resistanting EPDMEPDMAcid-alkali resistanting EPDM: offer Acid-alkali resistant better than General EPDM.
Neoprene-35℃ ~ 100℃

Shot time-35℃ ~ 113℃

Neoprene is recommended for moderate

acids,oils,fats,greases and solvents. It has good resistance to anhydrous ammonia and alcohlo

Viton-10 ℃~ 180℃Viton is a fluorinated hydrocarbon elastomer with excellent resistance to most hydrocarbon oils and gases and other petroleum-based products. Viton can not use for steam service, hot water over 82℃ or concentrated alkalines.
Steamproof viton5 ℃~ 190℃Steam-resistant Viton has good Steam-resistance property and can offer Acid-alkali resistant better than Viton.
Silicon-40℃~180℃Silicone Rubber has good resistance to high

temperature and low temperature and its chemical is stable. It is recommended for foods,strong acids and weak alkalis.


(Inner liner EDPM)

-5℃ ~ 110℃PTFE has good chemical performance stability and surface will be not sticky.

At the same time, it has good lubricity property and aging resistance. It is a good material for use in acids, alkalis, oxidant and other corrodents.


(Inner liner NBR)