1) Instantaneous transmission ratio is stable. Work stability is high.

2) Non-circular gear design. Instantaneous transmission ratio can be designed according to the required variation law.

3) The speed changes greatly, the circular speed of the gear can be changed from V< 0.1M/S up to 200m/ S, or higher. RPM available from n< Above 1r/min to 20000r/min.

4) Wide range of transmission ratio variation. When applied to decelerate or increase speed transmission, the transmission ratio of planetary transmission can be up to 100~200.

5) High transmission efficiency, especially the cylindrical gear pair with higher accuracy. The efficiency can reach more than eta = 0.99;

6) Large transmission power range and high carrying capacity.

7) Compact structure, when using planetary transmission, less tooth difference transmission. Or harmonic gear drive, components will be reduced into coaxial drive.