Double eccentric soft seated Flanged Butterfly Valve

Technical details:

1. Pressure range:PN6…PN40
2. Nominal dimensions DN100…3000
3. Field of application: water, sea water, hot water, gas.
4. Standard version: with worm gear unit
5. actuator types: With hand wheel gear worm, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator.
6. Material: body and disc of ductile iron GGG50 with epoxy coating.
7. Epoxy coating acc. to WRAS quality guidelines

Product characteristics:

● The stainless steel shafts are completely enclosed by O-ring sealing. This protect the whole bearing optimally from corrosion.
● Upper and lower shaft design, flow resistance lightly, blow-out proof shaft design.
● Wear-resistant, anticorrosive and impermeable safe seat.
● Whether positive or reverse sealing, seat sealing force increased along with media pressure increasing, have the performance of Bidirectional sealing.
● The Rubber sealing profile retains the rubber sealing ring sturdy between the disk and the retaining ring.
● No risk that the sealing ring will be pulled out even at high gap flow speeds.
● Advantage of the double eccentric design.
● Considerable reduction of the shear stress on the sealing ring.
● High service life due to low wear on the sealing ring.
● High sealing force and low operating torque.
● The sealing line is not interrupted by shaft bearings.
● The sealing ring can be exchanged in open position easily.

More details:

● Valve installation: let the pressure direction of the valve same with the body arrow.When disc all close, body arrow point to the ground.

● The streamlined body, seal ring with spraying wear-resistant corrosion-resistant stainless steel, surface hardness HB28; Perfect solution ensure product operational safety, service life and cost effectiveness.

● Upper and lower Half shaft design flow resistance low. shaft is blow-out proof, disc sealing ring is self-tightening seal, with compensating and bidirectional sealing performance; Higher pressure, sealed more tight. Corrosion protection with optimized details.

● According to customer media conditions, we can adjust valve parts material configurations: alternative body disc material :Nickel-chromium cast iron, cast stainless steelalternative Valve disc seal ring: NBR EPDM FRM CR SILICON (Q) alternative shaft material :A182 F316\ A182F6a.

● The butterfly valve rubber clamping ring and rataining ring, This profliled sealing ring is fixed, watertight. to the valve disc screws. It can be easily readjusted and if necessary can be easily replaced at any time.