Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve

Valve body

Nominal diameter: DN40-DN1000

Body material: WCB, ductile iron, 304, 316

Connection method: wafer type, flange type, LT lug wafer type

Pressure level: PN10, PN16

Structure form: midline structure

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve In-valve components

Valve plate material: Ductile iron nickel plated, nylon coating, aluminum bronze, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4529, 2507

Stem material: stainless steel 410, 304

Applicable medium: water, liquid, gas, oil, powder, steam, acid and alkali corrosive medium.

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve Design and manufacturing standards

Design and manufacture: GB / T12238-2008

Connection standard: JB / T 79.1-1994 ASME B16.10

Structure length: GB / T12221-2005 ASME B16.5

Pressure test: GB / T13927-2008

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve Electric Actuator

Switch type: feedback signal: passive contact signal \ 4-20mA \ resistance signal

Adjustment type: input signal 4-20mA \ 0-10V \ 1-5V; feedback signal: 4-20mA \ 0-10V \ 1-5V

Voltage: AC220V \ 380V \ 110V \ 24V, DC12V \ 24V, etc .; special voltage can be customized

Explosion-proof grade: optional explosion-proof EXdIIBT4