hydraulic butterfly valve

Hand paump specifications for the hydraulic butterfly valves

  1. General

Hydraulic manual pump is a device to start or stop hydraulic valve. This device can remote control many types of hydraulic valves according to users’ requirements. The controlled valves can be installed in any location; even the places that man can not close to. Hydraulic manual pump is easy to install and can be installed in places where is easy for operation and maintenance.


2.Model and Specifications

1) Working pressure:<9MPa

2) Setting valve of safety value:9MPa

3) Valid capacity:3L 3


  1. Working Principle:

The hydraulic manual pump, which is widely used for on/off of hydraulic valves,is a power pump unit for hydraulic drive. The device consists of oil tank, hand wheel, hydraulic control valve, non-return valve and safety valve. The device has two instructions, One is a pointer, and the other is the pressure gauge that shows the pressure required to open or close the valve.

  1. Preparation Work

4.1 Open the oil tank, fill oil tank of hydraulic manual pump with oil to the level of observation window and keep the oil level in working process.

4.2 Make sure the cleanness of the pipe line with compressed air before pipe connection. Then connect them with corresponding hydraulic line.

4.3 Disconnect the two pipe fittings of the controlled valve; turn the hand wheel clockwise until oil of the oil pump flow out from remote end closing pipe, keep turning the hand wheel, until air has been evacuated. (This process will last for a few minutes that depend on the length of the pipe.)

4.4 When there is no air bubble in the oil from the pipe, connect pipe fittings of the controlled valve accordingly. Keep turning hand wheel until the torque gets stronger obviously, which indicates the controlled valve has been closed fully. The debugging of this pipe has been finished.

4.5 Turn the hand wheel counter-clockwise, open the pipe, and repeat 4.3 and 4.4.

  1. Operation Method of Hydraulic Manual Pump

5.1 clockwise turn the handwheel to close the valve, against clockwise turn the handwheel to open the valve. When the handwheel is rotated and the valve is fully open or fully closed, the

pressure gauge pointer reaches the pressure needed to open or close the valve. At this point, you can stop rotating the handwheel, if the pressure exceeds the safety pressure, the safety valve will automatically open.

5.2, because the valve hydraulic manual pump is a terminal structure, it allows the handwheel to change continuously and does not cause mechanical overload damage to the whole system.

5.3 at the end of the operation, the valve hydraulic manual pump in the hydraulic control valve and the main oil import one-way valve will automatically lock, oil pipeline can not flow, to prevent the force on the valve and the valve to move the valve will remain in the last position of the operation (fully open or fully closed position).

5.4 valve position indication: pointer indication

5.5 emergency operation: when the fixed manual pump is malfunctioning and can’t provide normal working pressure, please release the pressure gauge’s interface and connect the emergency hand pressure pump, open or close the valve