hydraulic butterfly valve

Hydraulic butterfly valve for marine and shipyards

The Hydraulic butterfly valve is the series of the valves used for the marine ships and the shipyards. The valve normally operated by the hydraulic actuator, and the hand pump can be equipped along with the valves for the remoted control. It is always as the at the overboard or shipside. The 3.2 Class certificates like ABS, CCS, DNV,KR and LR can also be provided for the valves.


Body:  ductile iron, WCB, ss304, ss316,ss316L
Disc: ASTM B148-C95400, ASTM B148-C95800, SS304, SS316
Pressure: PN10, PN16, JIS5K, JIS10K, JIS16K, ANSI150
Connection: wafer, flange